Sandstone Care provides substance abuse treatment to teens and young adults. Their holistic treatment approach considers the underlying mental health issues that often coincide with addiction. The destigmatization of mental health disorders was shown throughout all their interactions, whether that be in-person experiences talking to counselors or reading content online. When working through various design projects for Sandstone Care, expressing a message of understanding and compassion for teens and young adults was at the forefront.

A new website was essential in better establishing the messaging, content, and character of the company.

A program brochure was designed to outline the services and continuum of care offered at Sandstone Care. The inclusion of brand messaging breaks away from clinical lingo and reinforces Sandstone’s commitment to see teens and young adults for who they are.

Variety in photography and messaging of online ads were created to account for different stages of user interaction. General messaging such as “we all face challenges” promoted general brand awareness.

A significant improvement to Sandstone Care’s site included a revamp of their resource library. The goal of the project was to better supply relevant information to users; this was done by creating content specific to teens and young adults. Long form articles called for new page designs could display information in a more skimmable way. Dynamic content was implemented to display related articles that coincided with recent page views.

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